Review: Improvised indie ‘For Now’ meanders up California coast


How much one enjoys “For Now” is directly proportional to how much one likes its quartet of self-absorbed twentysomethings on a road trip up California’s Highway 101. Co-directors and real-life couple Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes star as versions of themselves in this improvised indie. Their couch-crashing friend Katherine (cowriter Katherine Du Bois) and Hannah’s brother Connor (Connor Barlow) join them on the journey, and soon, their relaxing stay at a cabin is disrupted by turmoil among the group.

Director of photography Anton Du Preez has a good eye, nicely capturing both the actors’ intimate conversations and the California scenery. The stars’ improvisation leads to moments of humor and authenticity, but the overall result is an incomprehensible, often frustrating film that seems less well-planned than the characters’ own trip.


‘For Now’

Not rated

Running time: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Playing: Available on VOD

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