Review: Indie caper comedy ‘Imperfections’ is no diamond in the rough

Virginia Kull and Zach McGowan in the film "Imperfections."
(Level 33)

The flaws are considerable in “Imperfections,” a languid, tonally undisciplined heist comedy written and directed by David Singer about a struggling Chicago actress who takes a job as a diamond runner for a jewelry importer.

Experiencing an extended drought in acting gigs and freshly fired from her waitressing job, Cassidy (Virginia Kull) accepts a low-paying offer from her mom Val’s (Marilu Henner) boyfriend Barry (Ed Begley, Jr.), who needs someone to transport valuable stones to his clients without attracting attention.

She does, however, manage to attract the attention of her boss’ son, Alex (Ashton Holmes), who draws her into an insurance fraud scheme that could easily bankroll her dream relocation to Hollywood.

Plot-wise, it’s a workable set-up, but, in his feature film debut, Broadway composer Singer — he also contributed the jazzy score — seems to have no interest in adhering to traditional crime caper rhythms that put a premium on crisp pacing and creeping peril.


Instead, he demonstrates a weakness for extensive improvised dialogue and pointless montages.

While Henner and Begley bring a seasoned ease to their secondary roles, their presence, and that of a lively Zach McGowan as Cassidy’s drug-dealing ex, can’t compensate for wobbly dramatic stakes and glib main characters who don’t lend themselves to audience empathy.




No rating

Running time: 1 hour, 45 minutes

Playing: Laemmle Monica Film Center, Santa Monica

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