Star Trek casting call
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Faces from the ‘Star Trek’ casting call

Jessica Brisno, 20

“I used to watch ‘Star Trek’ back in the day, I watched all that old stuff. My friend at work told me I should come here to audition. I don’t know what to expect.” (Deborah Netburn / Los Angeles Times)
Edwin Chiu, 25

“I’m a really big ‘Star Trek’ fan. Well, enthusiast. Just say I’m an enthusiast. I work in computer graphics, so I’m only here because it’s ‘Star Trek.’ “ (Deborah Netburn / Los Angeles Times)
Danielle Masucci, 22

“I’m a photographer, but I do background work because it’s flexible. I don’t know anything about ‘Star Trek’ but I like the Shatner.” (Deborah Netburn / Los Angeles Times)
John Banks, 24

“I just moved here two months ago. I got registered to be an extra, but I haven’t done it yet. This is my first audition. I’m a little bit of a ‘Star Trek’ fan.” (Deborah Netburn / Los Angeles Times)
Kristen Rakes, 24

“I’m not a ‘Star Trek’ fan and my apologies to everyone if I get it and someone else doesn’t. Seriously, I’d feel really guilty.” (Deborah Netburn / Los Angeles Times)
Dominic Bonavitacola, 28

“I mostly do writing, but I have done extra work on one or two films. I’ve only been in L.A. for a year. I’m a huge ‘Star Trek’ fan and that’s the only reason I’m here.” (Deborah Netburn / Los Angeles Times)
Eddie Martinez, 46

“I’ve been a ‘Star Trek’ fan since I was 8 years old and it’s the only reason I’m here today. I’ve done extra work before, but I don’t usually stand in line.” (Deborah Netburn / Los Angeles Times)
Paul Michael, 32

“I’m a professional actor and a ‘Star Trek’ fan. Yes, I attend conventions, but I don’t dress up for them.” (Deborah Netburn / Los Angeles Times)
Jason Stevenson, 31

“I love ‘Star Trek.’ That’s the main reason I’m here. I’m a writer and I have an independent film in production called ‘Coming Soon.’ I’m here for the fun of it.” (Deborah Netburn / Los Angeles Times)
Kirk Walken, 38

“I don’t watch ‘Star Trek’ and I’m proud to say it. I just came with these guys. But my eyes are two different colors so I think they’ll probably want to use me.” (Deborah Netburn / Los Angeles Times)