John Woo to direct 'Flying Tigers' as two-part feature

Director John Woo, who has primarily relocated from Hollywood to Asia, will next make the World War II drama “Flying Tigers” as a combination movie-television miniseries in China.

The production, announced in Shanghai this week, will be co-financed by Holland’s Cyrte Investments and China Film Group, with filming set to begin early next year.

The production, based on the true story of an American who trained the Chinese to fly fighter planes against Japanese invaders, and produced by Woo’s longtime partner Terence Chang, will yield a two-part feature and a six-hour miniseries, the companies said.

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Chinese moviegoers will see the two-part feature while audiences in other countries will see the miniseries. This isn't a precedent for the director. Woo’s “Red Cliff” in 2008 was released as two-part movie in China but a single film in the United States.  

“'Flying Tigers' is a project that I have always wanted to do, because this is a story that expresses the courage, resourcefulness, friendship, and spirit of both the Chinese and American people and pilots. It promotes friendship between the two nations,” Woo said in announcing the project at the Beijing International Film Festival.

Added Han Sanping of China Film: “We believe that the collaboration between CFG, John Woo, Terence Chang and Cyrte Investments allows us to showcase the charm of Chinese-made films in a more diversified and appealing way to the global audience.”


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