‘Spring Breakers’
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Mark Olsen’s best films of 2013

‘Spring Breakers’
SPRING BREAKERS loops between raging party & spaced-out bummer, fun & its consequences. Smart about being dumb, it’s of & for our times.

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‘Upstream Color’
If any film this year pointed to a future cinema, UPSTREAM COLOR was it. An innovative marvel from how it was made to how it was released. (erpb film)
‘Computer Chess’
COMPUTER CHESS comes on as a jokey goof, then slyly finds the spiritual in new machines. Not the revenge of the nerds, but their triumph.

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‘Frances Ha’
FRANCES HA brings out best in Noah Baumbach & Greta Gerwig, collaborating on a warm, wise movie about the struggle of growing into yourself.

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A bittersweet take on intimacy, technology & the loneliness of modern life, HER also feels like a near-perfect vision of near-future LA.

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‘Post Tenebras Lux’
A prismatic death-bed reverie on what makes a life, POST TENEBRAS LUX tumbles from one haunting image to the next. Challenging & worth it.

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‘After Tiller’
Heartbreaking & eye-opening, doc AFTER TILLER looks at the four US doctors doing third-trimester abortions, bypassing issues for people.

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‘The Bling Ring’
The year’s scariest movie, the flash-trash true crime satire of THE BLING RING is a blank stare at identity, celebrity & obsession.

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‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’
The swooning romance of AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS, steeped in twilight Americana, touches the struggle & sacrifice of love at its purest.

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‘A Touch of Sin’
A TOUCH OF SIN examines matrix of societal & economic pressures that burst into violence. Bracing & touching, angry & sad: a modern tragedy.

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