WGA Awards: Watch Spike Jonze claim prize for original screenplay


Spike Jones wins for “Her.”

Spike Jonze has reason to hope for a bit of deja vu. On Saturday evening at the WGA Awards, the “Her” writer-director claimed the prize for original screenplay, and in doing so beat out the same nominees he will contend with at this year’s Academy Awards.

Jonze’s screenplay for the future-set love story won against Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell for “American Hustle,” Woody Allen for “Blue Jasmine,” Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack for “Dallas Buyers Club,” and Bob Nelson for “Nebraska.”

In his acceptance speech, Jonze said the award was “a high honor coming from writers.”

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He added, “In a way, this is like an award for pain. It’s a specific pain that writers know. It’s sort of the highs and lows of sitting in there by yourself, and the days where you’re deluded and you think it’s the best thing ever, and the days you’re hopefully deluded and you think it’s a fatal mistake you’ve made and it will never work.”

Jonze went on to thank the friends and fellow scribes who have lent him support, including Russell, who waved from the crowd in response. “It’s amazing to have friends who are as brilliant as you are,” Jonze said to his fellow nominee. He also named Kristin Gore, Miranda July, Nicole Holofcener, Dave Eggers, Maurice Sendak and Charlie Kaufman.

“This is for my friends,” Jonze concluded.

For more from Jonze and the WGA Awards, watch the video above and come back for more WGA highlights.



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