Are Prince’s ‘vaults full of music’ headed to a Broadway-style musical or Cirque du Soleil-type production?

Scene: well-toned dancers moving in unison while glistening purple rain drizzles down. A little red Corvette rolling across a Las Vegas stage, surrounded by lions ready to roar. A team of lithe women donning raspberry berets while swirling through choreographed maneuvers.

Such surreal interactions with Prince music could be one step closer to reality after Bremer Trust, the bank that handles the late Minneapolis funk superstar’s estate, announced that two experienced music executives have been hired to manage the artist’s entertainment assets.

L. Londell McMillan and Charles A. Koppelman, both of whom had worked for Prince while he was alive, will be working to monetize both released and unreleased music from the artist’s reportedly voluminous vault.


“We’re going to be having a good time,” Koppelman told the New York Post. “There is so much to be done with this estate. There are vaults full of music.”

The volume shouldn’t be surprising to Prince fans, who have long known of the Purple One’s work ethic and dedication to his muse. Reports suggest that thousands of hours of unheard music might be in the storied vault. Bremer Trust could not be reached for comment.

One hint of the direction that the two executives may take? Either a jukebox-style Broadway show a la “Jersey Boys” or a Cirque du Soleil-style Las Vegas production akin to the Beatles’ “Love” or “Michael Jackson: One,” Koppelman said.

“Prince was an icon on the level of The Beatles and Michael Jackson, and his legacy should be honored,” Koppelman told Post. “Though his name was Prince, I always thought he was the king of music.”


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