Snoop Dogg adapts ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ to sell Hot Pockets

Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic

Snoop fan? Hungry? Good news: The Long Beach rapper can sate both desires simultaneously. In a licensing agreement nearly as ridiculous as Devo’s reworking of “Whip It” to score a Swiffer commercial -- but not as ill-advised as Mary J. Blige’s McDonald’s spot -- Snoop Lion (nee Dogg, nee Doggy Dogg) has reworked “Drop It Like It’s Hot” to sell Hot Pockets. The refrain: “Pocket Like It’s Hot.”

The original song, which was released in 2004, is his collaboration with production team the Neptunes, and is one of the most vital tracks in his discography. The track’s magnetism lives within its funky minimalist beat and Snoop’s effervescent delivery. It’s filled with braggadocio and attitude: He’s got it goin’ on and isn’t afraid to say so.

Enter Hot Pockets, the microwavable foodstuff that has seen its share of ribbing from both comedians and nutritionists. Most famously, comedian Jim Gaffigan focused on the product in a classic bit, saying, “I’ve never eaten a Hot Pocket and then thought, ‘I’m glad I ate that.’” He also imagined the warning sticker on the package: “Warning: You have just bought Hot Pockets. I hope you’re drunk or heading home to a trailer.”

Snoop and his collaborators on the track, comedian/rappers DeStorm Power and Andy Milonakis, apparently beg to differ, as they trade rhymes about how amazing Hot Pockets are. Raps Snoop, “Home with kids in the crib Ma/Pocket like it’s hot/When the craving’s got a hold of you/Pocket like it’s hot/And your munchies get an attitude/Pocket like it’s hot/I’ve got the pockets in my arms/Setting off smoke alarms/And I eat ‘em it while it’s hot/'Cause I got it goin’ on.”


Hot Pockets have definitely seen better days. In January, the company that produces the food, Nestle, laid off 103 employees in its Chatsworth production facility.

“Consumers are a little more frugal, and competition is continuing to be very heated,” Nestle spokesperson Roz O’Hearn told The Times in January. “It’s very unfortunate, but it is necessary to keep the business healthy and continuing.”

Hence the Snoop campaign, which, if successful, might prompt Nestle to take Gaffigan’s tip and consider expanding into restaurants. “Is your Hot Pocket cold in the middle,” the comedian asks an imaginary waiter in his comedy routine, who replies confidently, “It’s frozen. But it can be served boiling lava hot.”

In which case, make sure you don’t drop it.


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