Neil Young on Twitter for live Q&A; with fans Wednesday

Neil Young on Twitter for live Q&A; with fans Wednesday
Neil Young, at the 2012 Bridge School Benefit in Northern California, will respond to fans’ questions on Twitter on Oct. 24.
(Barry Brecheisen / Invision / Associated Press)

Less than a month after joining the Twitterverse, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer, songwriter and guitarist Neil Young will field questions from fans Wednesday through the service’s new #LegendsOnTwitter feature.

In fact, the first tweet from Young’s account was an announcement of the session, aimed at promoting his forthcoming double studio album with Crazy Horse, “Psychedelic Pill,” which will be released Oct. 30. “Look forward to talking to all of you music lovers,” his inaugural tweet read, and since that first message, Young (or someone from his camp) has sent out only a dozen more tweets, three of which have been reminders about the #LegendsOnTwitter session.

Young will respond to questions tweeted to his Twitter handle, @NeilYoung, and flagged with the hashhtag #AskNeil.  The Beach Boys recently participated in the first LegendsOnTwitter fan Q&A; exchange.

Young’s new quasi-autobiography, “Waging Heavy Peace,” suggests he’s well-suited to the world of 140-character-or-less communiques.

For instance, in the book, he raises the question of why he continues reuniting with Crazy Horse, a band not known for its members’ instrumental virtuosity. Or as Young himself phrases it, “They say, ‘Why do you play with Crazy Horse? They can’t play.’ ”

“The answer is blowin’ in the wind,” he writes. “I can go places with them.”

And he always has the option of falling back on his song titles or lyrics for the right question.

Q: “Neil, what’s your favorite way to get around?”

A: “Walk Like a Giant.”

Q: “What are you having for dinner?”

A: “Got mashed potato/Ain’t got no T-bone.”

Q: “How long will rock ‘n’ roll keep going?”

Well, we all know the name of that tune.


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