Kendrick Lamar releases new single “The Jig Is Up (Dump’n)”

Finally, Kendrick Lamar has emerged from his long spell of silence and public obscurity to release a new single, “The Jig is Up (Dump’n)” (warning: link contains profanity), today.

All kidding aside, Lamar is fresh off of maybe the most triumphant week in recent L.A. rap history, so the fact that he has even more music to put out is surprising but welcome news. The new song, produced by J. Cole and Canei Finch and apparently recorded just last night, is a bit rowdier than most of the patient tunes on his major label debut “good kid, m.A.A.d. city.”

But it’s a lively victory lap for the 25-year-old MC. In the single, he ribs the now-forgotten Shyne, the one guy who tried to harsh Lamar’s mellow last week, and needles critics who suggested the dense and ruminative “good kid” might flop. When he and J. Cole tout “The world hail king Kendrick Lamar,” it feels like a plain statement of fact.



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