Beasties’ ‘Paul’s Boutique’ reworked with original source samples

Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic

Looking for a killer weekend listening session, free of charge? Quick, race to the bottom of this post now and start listening to a masterful new reworking of the Beastie Boys’ “Paul’s Boutique,” crafted from the original source material into an hour-long mixtape. Created by crate diggers/producers/DJs Cheeba, Moneyshot and Food over three years, the production is one of the coolest mixes I’ve heard all year.

Called “Caught in the Middle of A 3-Way Mix,” the idea sprouted after Moneyshot did the same thing with the Beasties’ “Check Your Head.” But because of the sheer volume of samples on “Paul’s Boutique,” the three decided to work together, dividing the task among themselves and then merging them into the mix below.

Those who never quite appreciated the pastiche masterpiece that is “Paul’s Boutique” are particularly encouraged to dig in. The nooks and crannies that the three DJs have discovered and connected are wonderfully revealing. They crack open tom tom beats swiped from Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up,” blend sourced samples from Black Oak Arkansas, the Eagles and Tower of Power, swipe sounds from Led Zeppelin, the Meters and Johnny Cash, shock with the string screeches from Alfred Hitchcock’s film composer Bernard Herrmann. And by mixing in commentary from recorded interviews with the Beasties themselves discussing the album’s creation, the thing feels like some sort of sonic documentary.

DJ Food’s label, Ninja Tune, is hosting the mix on its Soundcloud page, and it’s available as a download, as well. In the comments section, Ninja writes that the three were about halfway finished with the remix when Beastie Boy Adam Yauch died after a long battle with cancer, “so the impetus to finish it was instantly doubled and new meaning given to the project. It goes without saying that this is also a tribute to Adam Yauch and the legacy he left behind and we hope it will be embraced by Beastie fans around the globe.”



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