Is the Internet tired of Lady Gaga?

As the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. But it also apparently can breed indifference, at least with regard to contemporary pop culture.

Lady Gaga’s name and image have been a near constant presence on the Web since she broke through to mainstream success in 2008, but over the last two years interest in the chameleonic dance-pop diva has been steadily eroding, according to AccuraCast, a London-based search engine marketing agency.

Since reaching the peak of Internet searches on her name in early 2010, inquiries have been sliding overall, with occasional bursts of renewed interest, such as when she showed up for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in a dress made of meat and again in 2011 with the release of her “Born This Way” album.


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“The difference in the number of searches at this point, compared to the release of ‘The Fame Monster’ and the start of the tour, is staggering and a fall in popularity is evident,” AccuraCast’s report states. “Since May 2011 her popularity has fallen almost continuously each month and shows little sign of recovery.”

“Although people enjoyed Lady Gaga’s outrageous fashion sense during the early stages of her career,” the report continued, “it would appear that she began pushing the boundaries too far and this incident failed to greatly improve her Internet popularity. This theory is supported by the minimal increase in traffic when she chose to use the meat dress once again, in May 2012.”

That event didn’t significantly boost Gaga-related Internet search activity, which eight months later, AccuraCast notes, is now “lingering dangerously close to the level it was when she burst onto the scene in 2008 [and] indicates that we are all a little bored with Lady Gaga’s antics.”


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