Ace Hotel screens ‘Inherent Vice’ with exclusive Jonny Greenwood vinyl

“Inherent Vice”
“Inherent Vice” will screen at downtown L.A.'s Ace Hotel on Dec. 1, with an exclusive run of its Jonny Greenwood-composed score on vinyl.
(Lindsey Best)

This is a fine age for film scores that stand on their own as musical worlds - “Drive,” “Under the Skin” and “There Will Be Blood” among them. For the debut of P.T. Anderson’s “Inherent Vice,” the film’s seedy, neon Los Angeles moods will be made even more real in downtown L.A.

On Dec. 1, the downtown Ace Hotel will be among the first to screen “Inherent Vice” for the public. The film -- a dazed, pulpy noir based on Thomas Pynchon’s novel -- will be one of the marquee releases of winter. The hotel’s Spanish gothic theater has quickly become one of L.A.'s most essential new destinations for music, and should be an appropriate setting for soaking in all the film’s stoned, bewitching misbehavior. 

But “Inherent Vice” is also notable for its score, which reunites Anderson with Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood. Compared to his austere, doom-ridden “There Will Be Blood” and “The Master” compositions, however, this is a more playful setting for Greenwood, who lately has been outdoing his band’s singer in pushing contemporary experimental music forward for pop audiences.

If you’re going to be doing fun things in hotel rooms, this soundtrack would probably do the trick for a long night upstairs, so Radiohead and Anderson completists should note that highlights of Greenwood’s original score will be pressed on vinyl for a super-limited run only available for hotel guests in January.


The records will be up for grabs alongside “Vice"-themed gallery shows (which will showcase original work from local artists and curators) at the New York and London locations too. But obviously, the shifty alleys and shiny marquees on L.A.'s Broadway should be where you turn first. 

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