Essential Track: Mr. Oizo’s wobbly ‘iSoap,’ from his new ‘The Church’

Quentin Depieux, a.k.a. Mr. Oizo
Producer and filmmaker Quentin Dupieux, who makes music as Mr. Oizo.
(Mr. Oizo / Brainfeeder)

The artist born Quentin Dupieux is known to different fans for different kinds of creations. To buffs of strange B-movies, he's known for his films "Rubber," "Wrong Cops" and "Wrong," a trio about evil tires, evil cops and lost dogs.

To devotees of strange electronic dance music, Dupieux, raised in Paris but residing in Los Angeles, is Mr. Oizo, whose work over the past decade is as curious as his storytelling. Best known for being the quirkiest, most playful French house producer making tracks at the dawn of the Daft Punk era (his great "Analog Worms Attack"), Dupieux hooked up with the Justice-fueled Ed Banger crew for a new round of attention in the late '00s.

With each fresh incarnation, Dupieux's witty, magnetic way with a rhythm and desire to surprise renders the artist even more uncentered. What's he doing on his new album, "The Church"? Hard to explain, exactly, but it's released by Flying Lotus' fluid, immaculately stoned imprint Brainfeeder, and offers a dozen ridiculous beat-based breakdowns sure to confuse, inspire, then liquify the dance floor.

You can hear all that on the wobbly “iSoap,” one of the highlights of “The Church.” Featuring a drunken beat, a lot of contrasting textures and a freaky guitar line that locks it all in place, the instrumental, presented below, is sticky in a uniquely Oizo-ian way. Tip: After consuming “iSoap,” head to Brainfeeder’s Soundcloud page and listen to the utterly disconcerting title track.

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