‘Sizzurp’ is back in the news
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A history of ‘sizzurp’ in song

Lil Wayne is not the first to rap about “sizzurp.” There were many more before him.  ( Omar Tobias Vega / Getty Images for Maxim)
“I sipp codeine
It makes a southside playa lean (makes me leeeaaaan)
Stackin green (yeeea)
Steady stackin green, steady sippin codeine (codeine)”
 (Handout )
“Smokin out, throwin up, keepin lean up in my cup
All my car got leather and wood, in my hood we call it buck”  ()
"[...] sipping and dipping and tripping, man I’m bout all out
Sippin’ on some sizurp, sip, sippin’ on some, sip”

“Sexy thang on my arm, cup of drank in my palm And that crazy [...], I’m tripping on some skinny [...] Something that’s wholesome, Florida to Folsom And for the most I’m steady sippin’ on some sizzerp
Sippin’ on some siz-erp, sip, sippin’ on some, sip “ (Stefano Paltera / Associated Press)
I got them rainbow colors in my cup
Jollyranchers man that [...] be good as [...]
That’s that syrup [...] that’s that syrup (Gettin Blowed)
That’s that syrup [...]that’s that syrup (I’m Blowed)” (Arnold Turner)
“Please don’t blow my high
When I’m sippin’ that purple rain
[...] don’t blow my high, don’t blow my high
When I’m tippin that purple rain
I know it makes ‘em crazy, it keeps me lazy” (Island Def Jam Music Group)
“Sippin’ tha barre, grippin’ tha grain
I got 17 karats in my piece and chain
Sip-sippin’ tha barre, grippin’ tha grain
I got 17 karats in my piece and chain” (Damon Winter / Los Angeles Times)
“I said! Candy paint what I’m flippin on, 84’s and vogues what I’m tippin on
Momo wood grain I’m grippin on, codeine in cup I’m sippin on
I hog the lane in that candy train, swangin left and right then I turn up the bang” (David J. Phillip / Associated Press)
“Bumpin’ choppin’ flippin’ diamonds on my neck’n’wrist.
Sippin on some purple purple [...]” (Getty Images North America)
“Leanin to the side, you cain’t speed through
Two miles per hour, so everybody sees you Ridin by myself, with the pistol in the do’
“Sippin, sippin on lean, sippin, sippin on bo’”  (Chamillitary / Universal)
“Purple drank n my sprite purp n my blunt got me high as a kite I’m jus livin my life”  (Getty Images )
Leanin’, leanin’, sittin’ sideways
Leanin’, leanin’, leanin’, sittin’ sideways
Leanin’, sittin’ sideways, leanin’, leanin’, sittin’ sideways
I’mma young [...] boy dat’s why I act dis way, rollin’ in the candy car leanin’ sittin’ sideways (Peter Kramer / Getty Images)
“I can’t leave drank alone it got me feening
Feeling feeling good feeling like a boss as I’m flippin through tha hood
I can’t leave drank alone
It got me feening
Feening feeling good
Feeling like a boss cause I’m creeping trough the hood
I can’t leave drank alone”  (Ray Tamarra / Getty Images)
“I’m sippin sprite tonight because I love the lean
A three in a 20 oz, watch a [...] dream< br/> "[...]drink till i’m dizzy” (Getty Images)
“Rock star lifestyle might don’t make it
Living life high, everyday clique wasted
Sipping on purple stuff, rolling up stanky Wake up in the morning, 10 o’clock dranking [...]”

“Purple codine, sprite, pink, don’t waste it
Mix up, grandma drank it, didn’t taste it
Now grandma sipping syrup leaning wasted [...]” (Warner Bros.)
“Up in the studio me and my drank
Please let me be and let me do my thang
Thinkin about a certain..certain somebody
that perfect somebody sexy purple body” (Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images )
“Purple drank, I still sip, purple weed blunt still lit
Real [...], real [...], purple swag, that trill [...]
Them candy cars, I’m coming down, that paint drip, I still tip” (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)