Best and Worst: Mothers and daughters on screen
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Happy Mother’s Day! Top 10 worst movie moms

By Patrick Day and Stephanie Lysaght

Ah, Mother’s Day: the one day each year when we honor the women who brought us all into this world -- and not just the nice ones!

This year, instead of celebrating the best mothers on the big screen, we’ve decided to count down the all-time worst mothers in film. From “Serial Mom” to Stifler’s mom, here are some movie mamas who could stand to thumb through a parenting book or two. (
Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) had the worst of all worlds. Not only was she bullied by her classmates, but she also was bullied by her religious fanatic mother (Piper Laurie), who locked Carrie in the closet with a shrine.

Also, telling Carrie that menstruation resulted from impure thoughts probably wasn’t the greatest parenting move. (United Artists)
Well, nobody could argue that Beverly Sutphin didn’t love her family. Trouble was, she loved them a little too much. When her son’s math teacher criticized him, Beverly ran him over with her car. When her daughter got ditched by her date, Beverly murdered him too. Wait a second... We’ve known a date or two who deserved the “Serial Mom” treatment. Maybe Mama Bev really belongs on the list of all-time greatest movie moms! (Phillip Caruso)
If your parents have sufficiently messed you up, you can hear their voices all the time -- not just when they’re in the room.

Well, in “Psycho,” Norman Bates’ mother did such a number on him that she continued to smother him even after she died! Norman’s mother-induced guilt over his attraction toward Marion (Janet Leigh), a beautiful woman staying at his hotel, eventually leads him to murder her. (Associated Press)
Who knew Mary Tyler Moore could play such a total jerk? In the 1980 family drama “Ordinary People,” Moore plays Beth Jarrett, an upper-middle-class wife and mother obsessed with maintaining the appearance of the perfect family with her husband (Donald Sutherland).

After her all-star son Buck dies in a boating accident, Beth’s remaining son, Conrad (Timothy Hutton), attempts suicide. Beth’s cruelty toward her guilt-ridden surviving son earns her a spot on our list of worst movie moms. (Paramount Studios)
Sure, there are plenty of manipulative mamas on the big screen, but when a woman turns her own son into an assassin, she is in a class of her own.

In “The Manchurian Candidate,” Eleanor Iselin brainwashes her “war hero” son (Laurence Harvey) into murdering her political opponents to further her own political aims. In the 1962 adaptation of this haunting political thriller, Angela Lansbury won a Golden Globe for playing the evil Eleanor Iselin. Meryl Streep reprised the role (as Eleanor Shaw) in 2004. (United Artists)
When four high school seniors make it their mission to lose their virginity before graduation, high jinks aplenty ensue. But who could have guessed that the intelligent and unassuming Paul Finch would be the one to lure his friend Stifler’s mom into bed? Or, to be specific, onto the pool table.

Stifler faints when he finds Finch with his mother the next morning. And, sure, that loudmouthed Stifler had it coming, but Stifler’s mom still makes our list, because sleeping with your kid’s friend is questionable parenting at best. (Universal Studios)
Mom or monster? Mo’Nique showed everything but her funny side in “Precious,” as Mary, a dysfunctional and self-absorbed abuser.

Mary’s rage peaks when her daughter Precious gives birth to her second child by incest (Precious and her son share the same father). Jealous and upset by her daughter’s hopes of getting out of the Harlem projects, she hits Precious and drops her newborn baby on the floor. (Anne Marie Fox / Lionsgate)
1981’s “Mommie Dearest” remains one of the most iconic mean mother films of all time. The film -- based on a memoir by Joan Crawford’s adopted daughter, Christina Crawford — film depicts Joan as downright abusive to Christina.

Joan’s verbal abuse is just the tip of the iceberg; she also confiscates her daughter’s birthday gifts, chops off her long, blond hair and even attempts to choke her. And who could forget the infamous “wire hanger” scene? (Paramount Pictures)
Lift has a pressing desire to murder his overbearing mother. Should he suffocate her with a pillow or throw her down the stairs? Ah, the possibilities... This probably isn’t the best film to rent with mom on Sunday.

Ramsey also played a wicked mother in “Goonies.” Not only is she an awful mom, but she’s also the tough as nails boss of a crime family. Don’t cross this cranky old matriarch, or she’ll chain you up and “hit puree!” (MGM)