Star slouch vs. perfect posture
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RED CARPET REWIND: Star slouch vs. perfect posture

By Elizabeth Snead, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Which actresses have the best standing in Hollywood? And who are the real slouches? Not box office, silly. We’re talking posture!

Keira, Katie, Lindsay, Charlize, Gwyneth, Kirsten and more: who perfects the pose? (WireImage)
Stooping at nothing

Katie Holmes has been slouching towards stardom ever since she started hanging out with Tom Cruise. Funny, she never slouched like this when dating her height equal, Chris Klein. Remember what Nicole Kidman said after the split from Cruise. “Now I can wear heels again!” (WireImage)
Spinal tap

Kirsten Dunst’s curved spine looks almost painful. Imagine what it will look -- and feel -- like when she’s 50! Give this girl some books to balance on her head! (WireImage)
Hunchback of the red carpet

Jeepers, Keira Knightley. Straighten up! At the rate you’ll be cast as a dowager before you’re 40. You’ll already have the hump. (WireImage)
Slump lord

Gwyneth Paltrow is stuck in a serious slump. If she hunches her shoulders any more, this strapless dress is gonna slide right off. Stand proud, Gwynnie. Even your designer clothes will look better! (WireImage)
What a downer

Not even the sexiest sheer black gown can withstand Uma Thurman’s improper posture and stomach-protruding stance. You can’t defeat gravity, Uma. But there’s no sense in helping it along. (WireImage)
Stand out

Kate Hudson has one of the best backs in the biz. She definitely inherited her mom Goldie Hawn’s impeccable bearing and good posture. Among other things, like a great smile, wavy blond hair and a bubbly, infectious laugh. All that and perfect posture? Let’s just hate her. (WireImage)
Straight jacket

Think what you will about her wild lifestyle, Lindsay Lohan is a straight shooter in the posture department. Heck, she even stands tall when she’s wearing a skin-tight rainbow mini-dress or an ankle alcohol-monitor bracelet. And that’s not real easy to do. (WireImage)
Straight arrow

Supermodel Heidi Klum knows slouching isn’t healthy or sexy. Ever seen a round-shouldered model in the Victoria’s Secret catalog? I rest my case. Standing tall and proud makes you look younger and hotter. Just ask Heidi. (WireImage)
Posture perfect

Jessica Biel’s erect posture and strong shoulders are possibly the hottest in Hollywood. As Esquire writer A.J. Jacobs once gushed, “She has the best posture I’ve ever seen. She could hold an apple between her shoulder blades.” Which is not as easy as it sounds. (WireImage)
Belly up to the barre

Head up! Shoulders back! Chest out! Charlize Theron’s early dance training taught her the importance of standing tall. But she still works hard on it. “I have really bad posture, and my head is always down,” she’s said. Sounds like she’s got the voice of a stern ballet teacher still in her head. (WireImage)