It’s not bad guys Krysten Ritter must battle on ‘Jessica Jones’--it’s street signs

Krysten Ritter talks about CGI vs. physical stunts on “Jessica Jones.”

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When Krysten Ritter signed on as the titular character in Netflix’s noir drama “Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” she was drawn to the idea of the series serving as a psychological character study.

Crashing into street signs would come later.

Deviating from the norm of most Marvel screen properties, the drama is CGI-deficient and relies almost entirely on practical effects and stunts. Jones primarily uses her powers, which include jumping high and being super-strong, when they are absolutely necessary.

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And in those moments when they are absolutely necessary, Ritter has her fun.

“I had a lot of fun doing the stunts,” Ritter said when she stopped by the Los Angeles Times studio earlier this week. “The jumps were really fun.”

Krysten Ritter talks about how she feels about being a symbol of feminism on Netflix’s “Jessica Jones.”

So was Ritter’s introduction to hanging from a wire to help with such scenes.

“My first time, I swung into a street sign,” Ritter said. “I was like, this is my first experience on a wire! Once you get comfortable with it, it’s a blast. I love the wire. And I love throwing punches. The best is when someone else is on a wire, and you [punch] them, and they go real far.”The 13-episode first season of the drama was released on Netflix last fall and was a critical favorite. It has been renewed for a second season -- though it will be a while before those episodes hit the streaming service.

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Production on a sophomore season has been held off to make time for the “Avengers”-esque “The Defenders,” the miniseries that brings together the Marvel-Netflix heroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Check out the video below to hear what Ritter thinks about the timeline, how she’s feeling about being part of a Marvel hero ensemble, and being a symbol of feminism through her character.


Watch Krysten Ritter talk about her role as the trash-talking, tough-as-nails heroine at the center of Netflix’s “Jessica Jones.”

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