Lin-Manuel Miranda takes a ‘Hamilton’ swipe at Donald Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lin-Manuel Miranda as host on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

“Hamilton” creator and lead Lin-Manuel Miranda hosted “Saturday Night Live” this week and, as expected, music became an integral aspect of the show. 

A freshly shaven Miranda opened his monologue with thanks for all of the support “Hamilton” has received, detailing the show as “a nice escape from all the craziness in our world right now.” 

And for those unfamiliar with the production’s premise — and obviously living under a rock — he described “Hamilton” as a show “about two famous New York politicians locked in a dirty, ugly, mudslinging political campaign.” Ironically, the show’s “escapism” is all too real with the current political battle between presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. (And Miranda’s jab at Trump while passing a picture of the former “SNL” guest host in the 30 Rock halls — “Never gon’ be president now” — was right out of the “Hamilton songbook.)


But Miranda didn’t want to make it all about “Hamilton.” He wanted to do all the things other “SNL” hosts do and not “throw away his shot,” he said. And then he burst into into a riff on the Broadway play’s “My Shot” in which he took a couple digs at the presidential candidates. 

“I like it better when is Kate McKinnon v. Baldwin,” he sang, referencing the two “SNL” cast members who impersonate the presidential candidates on the show. 

Another highlight from the show was a skit in which Miranda and others play high school drama kids at a cast party following their performance of “The Crucible.” It follows the group as they party like only respectable, theater nerds can. (Yes, there is awkward dancing, almost kissing and lots of Sprite and pretzels.)


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