Tina Fey is worried Tracy Morgan will die after ’30 Rock’

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With “30 Rock” winding down its seven-season run in just a few months, Tina Fey has a lot on her mind: namely, what will happen to Tracy Morgan once the show is over.

On Wednesday night Fey paid a visit to “Late Night,” where her former “Weekend Update” co-anchor Jimmy Fallon asked about what it’s like working now on “30 Rock,” knowing the end is in sight. “I’m sad every day,” she said. “Half the day I’m crying, then I’m like, ‘I’m sick of you people! ’”

Fey told Fallon that while shooting a scene that day with Morgan and Alec Baldwin she’d been struck by a rather morbid realization: “I’m really going to miss seeing Tracy every day, partly because I feel like once I stop seeing him, he’s going to fall in a pool or something. I’m worried about what’s going to happen. I think he might die.”


Fey gave the impression that she was kidding -- if just barely. After all, Morgan, a diabetic who’s struggled with alcoholism and received a kidney transplant in December 2010, is hardly the picture of health.

Here’s a simple solution: Fey, who recently signed a four-year development deal with Universal Television, should simply rehire Morgan. Problem solved!


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