Google doodle celebrates 'Star Trek's' birthday

Google homepage doodle is forever changing to mark various anniversaries, holidays or great moments in history. And today, it's a tribute to "Star Trek."

It was 46 years ago Saturday that "Star Trek" first premiered on NBC. The series ran for just three seasons, to 1969.

The interactive doodle reduces the "Star Trek" experience to three key moments. There's the crew assembled on the bridge of the Enterprise, the away team in the ship's transporter room, and the crew on the surface of an alien planet, complete with unpleasent alien creature and an unhappy fate for the red-shirted crewman.

Along the way there are little references to fans of the original series, including a locker filled with Tribbles and an appearance by a modified version of the Gorn.

This month also marks the 25th anniversay of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," which began its run in syndication in 1987.


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