‘The Day Beyoncé Turned Black’ is the best ‘SNL’ skit ever


“Saturday Night Live” is known for its unique approach to tackling racially tinged issues in the pop culture stratosphere. Just take a look at their spoof on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy. With their latest skit from Saturday’s Melissa McCarthy-hosted episode, the SNL cast and crew have outdone themselves.

Titled “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black,” the three-minute trailer for a horror movie shows the absurdity of some white people’s reactions to the songstress’s latest track “Formation,” which she also performed at the Super Bowl. And warning: it’s rated NC-17 for white people and G for black people.

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“For white people, it was just another great week,” the ominous voiceover says, as white people start their days and go to work. “They never saw it coming. They had no warning. Then, the day before the Super Bowl, it happened.”

Suddenly, screen grabs from news outlets discussing the artist “embracing her black heritage” in the “unapologetically black” video flash across the screen -- to the shock of white people everywhere. And yes, people were actually shocked and outraged in real life -- see here and here.

Meanwhile, all of the black people in the skit are unfazed because even during the “Jumpin, Jumpin” and “Single Ladies” phases of her career, she has always been black. As for that “Pink Panther” phase... no comment.

Oh, and Kerry Washington is black too.

Check out the video for yourself, above.

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