Cate Blanchett or Curious George?: A lightning round that puts Billy Eichner on the spot

Cate Blanchett or Curious George?: A lightning round that puts Billy Eichner on the spot
Comedian Billy Eichner's "Billy on the Street" show comes back to TV on a new network. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

Though Billy Eichner's character on his show "Billy on the Street" is loud, the 37-year-old comedian doesn't really yell in real life.

On the show, which had its Season 4 premiere on truTV Thursday night, Eichner's persona, also named Billy, runs around the streets of New York City asking pedestrians rapid-fire questions on pop culture. Topics have included "Dead or Boring?" and "Name 20 White People in 30 Seconds."


In a recent interview with The Times, we got the comedian to do one of his infamous lightning rounds with us. This time, the mike (well, recorder) was in this reporter's hand, asking Eichner to answer some of his famous funny questions.

Reporter: So I don't have cash in hand... but I'm going to attempt one of your lightning rounds. I promise I won't yell.

Eichner: You can do whatever you want. You can yell at me. I'm excited.

Reporter: OK, "Who's better, Taylor Swift or Emma Stone?"

Eichner: In my humble opinion, I'm more of an Emma Stone type of guy.

Eichner: Yes, I'd pay him [laughs].

Reporter: "Cate Blanchett or Curious George?" (A question asked at the 46-second mark in this clip).

Eichner: Who do I prefer? Depends on the role!

Reporter: "The price just feels SO right: How much is this pen? [Holds up generic ballpoint pen] If you guess right you get to keep it."

Eichner: $2.99? No? Well, no one uses a pen anyway.

Reporter: "Meryl-go-round": What are the names of Meryl Streep's children?

Eichner: There's a few there's Mamie Gummer, AH Grace... Mamie and Grace are the actresses. Henry her son is a musician. I think there's one more!


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