Damon Lindelof exits Twitter: Did haters drive out ‘Lost’ scribe?

It's possible that longtime TV co-Writer/producer Damon Lindelof was smarting over some nasty digs that fans made on Twitter.
(Frazer Harrison / Getty Images)

Damon Lindelof to Twitter: I’m outta here.

The former “Lost” executive producer, who became one of the wittiest TV industry people on Twitter, abruptly exited the microblogging platform sometime this week.

“After much thought and deliberation, I’ve decided t-,” Lindelof wrote in his last tweet on Monday, according to Variety. His @damonlindelof account no longer exists on the service.

Showtracker asked Lindelof for comment, but he declined via email.


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It’s possible that the longtime TV veteran was smarting over some nasty digs that fans made on Twitter recently that compared the finale of “Lost” unfavorably with that of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.”

“That’s how you end a series,” one detractor wrote, directing the message at Lindelof and his producing partner, Carlton Cuse.

Another cast aspersions on Lindelof “for not giving us such a perfect ending for Lost like Vince Gilligan did for @breakingbad_amc!”

Until Lindelof breaks his silence, we’ll never know exactly why he left so suddenly. But if he was expecting his move to silence the haters, no such luck.

Bitter Script Reader tweeted: “THAT’S how @DamonLindelof ends his run on Twitter? Gotta say, I’m underwhelmed and angry. I bet he didn’t have that planned from the start.”

What do you think? Should Lindelof have left Twitter? Or should he just man up?


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