‘Hannibal’ fans share their favorite moments from the show

Hannibal Lecter

Mads Mikkelsen portrays Hannibal Lecter in the NBC show that will wrap up its three-season run on Saturday.

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In honor of the series finale of NBC's cult hit "Hannibal," scheduled to air at 9 p.m. PST Saturday, we asked some of its more fervent fans to share their favorite moments of the show's three seasons. The "fannibals" turned out in spades, so we're sharing some of their favorite moments with you. 

Featured in "Saizuke," the second episode of the show's second season, the human collage was one of the single most elaborate death tableaus the show has ever done.

In extreme contrast to the show's violence, this moment revealed just how deep the relationships and related emotions ran. Though Jack and Will's friendship was tumultuous, this scene from Season 1, Episode 5 remains one of the most touching.

This moment, from Season 1's phenomenal 10th episode, "Buffet Froid," had Will doubting his sanity, and for good reason. When Hannibal, his therapist, has him draw a clock in an attempt to gauge his groundedness in reality, Will sees a proper clockface, but Hannibal and the audience see a clock that only Salvador Dali could love. It was a testament to the depth of Hannibal's manipulation and his willingness to let Will suffer, and it was truly stunning.

The Season 2 finale, "Mizumono," was one of the finest episodes in the show's run, ending with a cliffhanger that suggests the potential death of three major characters and a new life on the lam for Hannibal. The highlight is a fight scene that has to rank high among the best choreographed in TV history.

But ultimately, most of the tension in Hannibal revolved around the deeply unhealthy relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. Their deep and abiding love, which always verged on obsession, cut them both far deeper than any romance could and this moment from the aforementioned "Mizumono" captures that beautifully.



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