Jimmy Fallon and puppy pals predict Super Bowl 50 winner on ‘The Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon and puppy pals predict Super Bowl winner

Host Jimmy Fallon during “Puppy Predictors: Super Bowl 50" on “The Tonight Show." 

(Andrew Lipovsky / NBC)

It’s Super Bowl Friday, the most glorious imaginary holiday of them all, so why not sit back, relax, and enjoy a clip of nine unruly puppies predicting the outcome of the Super Bowl?

Ever since Jimmy Fallon took over “The Tonight Show” two years ago, he has introduced any number of recurring sketches, perhaps most notably “Classroom Instruments” which features musical guests performing top hits while accompanied by the Roots on, unsurprisingly, classroom instruments. 

However, “Puppy Predictors,” in which a group of enthusiastic puppies eat from a bowl to predict the future is actually a holdover from Fallon’s last gig on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." 

In the latest edition of “Puppy Predictors,” the nine puppies must predict the outcome of Super Bowl 50, a job they complete hastily, which might explain why they picked the Denver Broncos to defeat the Carolina Panthers. 


But such cuteness can’t be fully captured in mere words. Check out the full video below and get your future-predicting puppy fix.

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