Kristin Chenoweth teaches Anthony Weiner how to be ‘Popular’

Since his “Carlos Danger” alter-ego emerged a week ago, wannabe New York mayor Anthony Weiner has once again become late night’s favorite punching bag.

Now, even Kristin Chenoweth is joining in the pile-on. Tuesday on “The Tonight Show,” the multi-talented performer proved that despite her diminutive stature, she sure can pack a punch, singing a devastating spoof of the song “Popular” from her Broadway musical “Wicked.”

In the original number, Chenoweth’s character counseled her unpopular roommate in the art of being liked. On “The Tonight Show,” she had some sage words of wisdom for the embattled politician, who has seen his poll numbers plummet over the last week amid high-profile campaign defections and staffer meltdowns.

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“Don’t worry, Carlos Danger is no more. He’s out the door and now for sure, you will be popular. The right kind of popular,” she promised -- tongue planted firmly in cheek, of course. “I’ll teach you to zip your fly, you won’t be that guy with a camera down his pants. I’ll teach you what tweets to tweet, something clean and sweet.”

There were lots of jokes at Weiner’s expense, but when it came to his beleaguered wife, Huma Abedin, Chenoweth struck a more serious note. “Seriously Huma, woman to woman, if that guy doesn’t zip up and unplug, just kick him to the curb,” she sang. “And to Anthony Carlos Danger Weiner, or whatever your name is, as you may have guessed, my disinterest in your running NYC, don’t know if I can bare it, your porno popularity.”


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