Late night takes on Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade,’ plus bonus Prince tribute


For as much talk as Beyoncé's "Lemonade" inspired over the weekend, it was inevitable that the visual album would still be making headlines when Monday's late-night programming rolled around. 

Let's take a look at how the late-night heavy hitters interpret Queen Bey. 

Stephen Colbert White-Mansplains: 'Lemonade'

If "Lemonade" is anything, it's a tale of empowerment for black women, so CBS' "The Late Show" decided to lean into the awkwardness of having Colbert analyze the album's greater themes and focused solely on translating "Lemonade" as a white man at his white man-iest. 

America has been waiting for a white man to weigh in on Queen Bey's "Lemonade," and Stephen Colbert is a very white man.

'Lemonjames: A Visual Monologue'

James Corden took a very different tack on CBS' "The Late Late Show," deciding to go full-fledged parody, a curious choice when dealing with a subject matter full of deeply thematic and moving imagery. 

For all of you eager to see Corden in bra and panties doing a Beyoncé impression, this video is for you.

Inspired by Beyonce's "Lemonade" visual album, James Corden takes his audience on the journey to a "Late Late Show" monologue.

Jimmy Kimmel explains 'Lemonade' via emoji

In the "Lemonade" take that proved to be the most fun, ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" attempted to translate Beyoncé's album and the ensuing controversy into the language of the people: emoji.

Beyonc had a surprise special on HBO Saturday night called Lemonade that has caused a lot of speculation and controversy. Its all kind of hard to follow, so Jimmy Kimmel broke it down using the universal language of emojis.

Jimmy Fallon talks Prince and pingpong

And, as a special bonus, Jimmy Fallon took time out of his Monday show to pay tribute to Prince, who died April 21, and share an extensive story that involves a new baby, pingpong and the Purple One. NBC's "The Tonight Show" was off last week, delaying Fallon's memorial until Monday. 

Jimmy Fallon celebrates the life and music of Prince by sharing a memorable story of when the Purple One randomly challenged him to a game of pingpong.


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