Lego ‘Breaking Bad’ parody presents a game that will never be


Of all the potential Lego franchises, AMC’s “Breaking Bad” exists probably at the bottom of the list (if it’s there at all). But a parody video making the rounds online shows just how much fun playing a Lego version of Walter White could be.

The animated video, created by Brian K Anderson, demonstrates what a “Lego Breaking Bad” video game as designed by Travelers’ Tales would look like.

For those who aren’t fully caught up with the series, be warned that a few potential spoilers exist in the video, but as long as you’ve seen through the end of Season 4, you should be all right.

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Like the actual Lego games, such as “Lego Lord of the Rings,” audio from the series is used to fill out the animated scenes. However, unlike the fantastic adventures of “Lord of the Rings,” “Indiana Jones,” “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter,” the grim world of “Breaking Bad” involves cooking meth and hitting drug dealers with your car.

There are a couple of Easter eggs hidden in the video for loyal “Breaking Bad” watchers. Look carefully at the top of Walter White’s house in the beginning of the video to spot the pizza that ended up on the roof during Season 2.

For those not interested in video games, the final stretch of eight episodes of “Breaking Bad” begins on Aug. 11.


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