‘Mad Men’ finale: How fans reacted to the series’ conclusion


On Sunday night, Don Draper's decade-long odyssey through 1960s America and the ad world finally came to an end on a clifftop in Big Sur as the final episode of "Mad Men" aired.

Few series and showrunners have been as obsessed with keeping secrets as "Mad Men" and Matt Weiner, but now there are no more secrets to keep and all 92 episodes have aired.

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In the closing moments, Don seemed to have finally found inner peace after a lifetime of turmoil, meditating with his fellow retreat-goers on a cliff. And in the closing moments, the series aired one of the most famous ads of all time -- the 1971 "Hilltop" ad featuring people of all walks of life gathered on a hilltop singing "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke," for Coca-Cola.

Did Don Draper write that ad? The signs point that direction, with several people at his retreat seeming to serve as the inspiration for the faces and people depicted in the ad.

Overall, reactions to the finale ranged from ecstatic to more muted praise of the series overall, if not exactly the finale.

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