Rob Lowe shares the real reason he’s leaving ‘Parks and Recreation’


Rob Lowe stopped by “Late Show With David Letterman” on Tuesday and chatted a little about his impending departure from the NBC comedy “Parks and Recreation.”

Lowe revealed that his final episode, as well as that of co-star Rashida Jones, will be shot in two weeks. After that, he expects and hopes he’ll come back from time to time, but don’t go looking for them every week.

While Jones’ character has been on the show since its debut in 2009, Lowe joined in the show’s second season for what was originally intended to be a six-episode stretch. But he’s remained with the show into its sixth season. Lowe’s and Jones’ characters have developed an on again, off again relationship and they’re on their way to co-parenting a child.


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“That’s a good gig. I wouldn’t leave that if I were you,” Letterman cautioned. It should be noted that the “Late Show” host and native Hoosier has stated multiple times that he’s a fan of the show, set in fictional Pawnee, Ind.

“Amy Poehler’s a prick,” Lowe responded. “What are you gonna do?”

It should be noted here that Lowe was smirking when he said this, obviously kidding about the reason.

“That’s not true,” Letterman told the audience. “She’s a wonderful woman. That’s not true. You’re a lying son of a ....”

Then, to Lowe’s great surprise, Letterman gave him the finger. (Blurred out, so as not to offend the network viewer).

“There you go, Amy,” Letterman said, nodding at the camera, a white knight in a black suit.


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