Stephen Colbert hosts a heated debate between Donald Trump and ... Donald Trump


Stephen Colbert is already proving to be the late-night host America really needs in times of crisis — like, say, when Republican front-runner and ratings magnet Donald Trump decides to skip the debate on Fox News because of his beef with moderator Megyn Kelly.

Thursday on “The Late Show,” Colbert soothed the nerves of a jittery, Trump-deprived nation by going “all Trump.” He hosted a surprisingly tense “debate” featuring nothing but The Donald facing off against The Donald on issues including the merits of the people of Iowa, Hillary Clinton’s track record, Megyn Kelly’s journalistic credentials and Ted Cruz’s popularity.

“There’s a strong difference of opinion between our one candidate,” noted Colbert, who signed off by thanking the reality-star-turned-populist candidate “for being just as divided as this country is.”


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