TCA: John Oliver has a thing for Sarah Palin

John Oliver
John Oliver speaks during the Television Critics Assn. media tour at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena.
(Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images)

John Oliver would like nothing more than to watch Sarah Palin “spoon little flakes of cornflakes into a bowl.”

Told that the doyenne of far-right Republican politics would be hosting a media breakfast at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena as part of the Television Critics Assn. media tour, Oliver said he was seriously considering staying the night.

“Sarah Palin at a breakfast bar, I think my life could just be over at that point,” he said. “There is a significant voice in my head that says, ‘Check in and go to breakfast.’ I’m sure she does a heavy breakfast with loads of moose-based bagels.”

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Oliver’s Palin-based reverie came during his appearance on a one-man panel to promote his upcoming HBO show, which finds him hosting a satirical news program along the lines of “The Daily Show.” (But hopefully not too similar, say all parties involved.)

There is no premiere date for the show as of yet, nor does it have a name. Oliver is taking suggestions, though.

The plea resulted in one hapless journalist effecting a bad English accent and offering up the Oliver Twist-inspired title, “Can I Have Some More Please, with John Oliver.”

“That’s racist!” erupted Oliver, sitting up in his chair. “It’s OK for me to do Dickens humor, but you can’t do Dickens humor. There’s something so infuriating about you doing that accent.”


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When he had calmed down (“I’m British, we’re emotional volcanoes,” he explained. “I’m doomed to erupt again in 45 years.”), Oliver promised to add the name to the list.

Though still nascent, the show will seek to further the audience goodwill built by popular faux-news shows such “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report.” Oliver said he consults “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart when it comes to just about anything he does.

After all, it was Oliver’s stint filling in for Stewart as host of “The Daily Show” this past summer that likely resulted in his getting a contract with HBO.

“I set myself the achievable goal of not destroying that particular franchise,” Oliver said. “And the fact that it’s still there, and Jon Stewart is still hosting it, well, I can mark it a ‘W’ in the ‘Win’ column.”


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