‘Bachelor’ recap: 10 things you didn’t see on ‘Women Tell All’

Tonight’s “Women Tell All” episode was excruciating for me to watch. And no, that’s not just because I had to listen to the women rehash drama none of us care about or see them all gang up on Tierra for 45 minutes. It is because I had to witness it all twice.

That’s right, friends, I took a bullet for “Bachelor” nation and attended the taping of the “Women Tell All” a couple of weeks ago. And no, I didn’t actually get to sit in the audience. Along with a handful of other journalists, I sat on a sound stage for six hours watching the drama unfold on a television monitor while snacking on Craft Services. (They did make us some mean grilled cheeses.)

But some of the most juicy things I saw last month didn’t air on ABC Monday evening. So, without further ado, I present to you -- 10 things you didn’t see on “Women Tell All”:

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1. AshLee explained why she blindsided Sean on stage

Apparently, AshLee kept a journal throughout her entire stint on “The Bachelor” that she told me she wrote in nearly every day. A week before heading to the “Women Tell All” episode, she pulled out her diary and flipped through a couple of entries to prepare for seeing Sean.

“I had written some things that he said to me on the overnight just because I never wanted to forget that. And some of the things, I thought, ‘I need to know why he told me those things and four days later, wiped me out,’” she said. “He did say it. Clearly, I wouldn’t just make something up on national television. I think he just forgot.”

2. The girls got off some embarrassing one-liners

After Tierra had her interview with Chris, Robyn was quite frustrated with what she’d heard. “Ashton Kutcher has got to be here, cause we’re all getting ‘Punk’d’ right now,” she said. I wonder why that one didn’t make the show. Lesley also threw her hat into the cheesy Tierra insult ring, telling her: “I think you’re almost a bigger outcast than Andre 3000 himself.” GET IT?!?! Like the hip hop group OutKast?!?!? And Andre 3000 is one of its members?!??!

3. Tierra hasn’t watched most of the season

After watching a few episodes of the season, Tierra insisted she stopped tuning into the program. “I decided I’m not going to let a show affect my life anymore,” she told Chris, adding that she watched “up until Selma’s date.”

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4. Both Sarah and Desiree would sign up to be “The Bachelorette”

Backstage, Sarah and Dez each told me they’d be down to be the next lady ABC hires to date two dozen strangers. Sarah seemed more eager to be chosen, saying she believes in “the process,” though would be worried about how “emotionally taxing” it’d be on her. Dez, meanwhile, was more concerned about being “deceived” by a Tierra-esque villain.

5. ‘Frat boy’ was not all AshLee called Sean

If you thought “frat boy” was the worst thing AshLee called Sean on stage, think again. According to AshLee, she was the only one able to bring out his best qualities. “With me,” she told Chris, “he wanted to rise above and be this all-American great man -- like my father. But maybe he’s just not ready for that.” Oh, she went there.

6. Selma implied she is hooking up with Arie

Remember Arie? The runner-up from last season of “The Bachelorette,” who Emily sent packing instead of her final pick Jef? Apparently, he’s now dating Selma. On stage, Chris Harrison grilled Selma about tabloid rumors that she is “linked to the kissing bandit himself.” She immediately began to blush and said she had “no comment. “The blush on your cheeks is comment enough,” Chris replied with a smirk.

7. Tierra really did fall down a staircase

Just how real was Tierra’s fall down the stairs? Pretty legitimate, according to Sarah, who said she witnessed Tierra slip down “6 or 7 stairs.” “That’s pretty solid,” Chris replied. “The floors are waxed and wood, and she slipped,” Sarah said with a shrug.

8. Tierra wouldn’t take questions about her fiance

After being grilled about the timeline of her recent engagement on stage, Tierra told ABC publicists that she would only come backstage to do interviews with journalists if we agreed not to ask her about her fiance. But then people asked her about her about him anyway, and she was happy to gush about her ring. Check out the video above to see her reaction.

PHOTOS: Bachelor Season 17 contestants

9. Sean wouldn’t address being a supposed “born-again virgin”

If you’ve been through the checkout aisle lately, you’ve no doubt seen the tabloid covers touting Sean’s status as a “born-again virgin.” If not, here’s the short version: Us Weekly recently wrote a story claiming that Sean lost his virginity in college, but has since recommitted himself to celibacy. Which would mean he did not sleep with anyone in the fantasy suites. When I asked our lovely “Bachelor” to comment on this story, however, he didn’t have much to say.

“I’m so tired of talking about it,” he said with a sigh. “I made it very clear leading up to the fantasy suite what my intentions were. People shouldn’t have any questions after that.”

He did admit, however, that finding someone who shares his faith was an important factor. “I wanted someone that could support me in my faith and build a foundation for our family that shares the same faith,” he explained.

10. Chris is Team AshLee

When the confrontation between Sean and AshLee aired, all of the journalists backstage seemed to think Sean was lying about what he said in the fantasy suite. Apparently, so did our host, who said he found it plausible that Sean could have told AshLee he didn’t have feelings for anyone but her. “The secret that she revealed from the fantasy suite more than likely probably happened in some form or fashion,” Chris told me. “I think we all agree that there’s a moment in intimate situations where you should have a grace period of things said.”


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