Band of Outsiders fall campaign features Kidada, Rashida Jones

The Band of Outsiders fall 2013 women's ad campaign, featuring sisters Rashida, left, and Kidada Jones was shot using a Polaroid camera at the Dresden Restaurant in Los Angeles.
(Scott Sternberg / Band of Outsiders)

For his fall 2013 women’s collection campaign, Band of Outsiders creative director Scott Sternberg tapped the Jones sisters -- that would be Kidada and Rashida -- to model the collection for a series of Polaroid photographs shot at L.A.'s Dresden Restaurant.

While Sternberg has a long history of using celebrities to showcase his men’s and women’s collections (his stable of stars-turned-models includes the likes of Frank Ocean, Jason Schwartzman, Josh Brolin, Amy Adams, Sarah Silverman, Kirsten Dunst and Marisa Tomei), his friendship with the sisters actually predates his foray into fashion.

In fact, Kidada Jones played a pivotal role in Sternberg’s career path, as he explained to me when we spoke for last October’s profile of the Band brand.


“I was working with a couple of young designers,” Sternberg said at the time, “developing the core of who they were and helping distill their ideas into something that could eventually be a product line for Target or Wal-Mart. That was the first time I started doing all kinds of branding stuff around fashion.”

That was back in early 2003 and one of those designers was Kidada Jones. She would go on to partner with Walt Disney to produce a line of jewelry and accessories called Disney Couture, while Sternberg would go on to officially found Band of Outsiders in January 2004.

If you ask me, keeping up with the Joneses never looked so stylish.

More looks from the Dresden shoot with Rashida and Kidada Jones can be seen at the Band of Outsiders Tumblr page.


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