Grey Matters: Where to get THAT ‘Fifty Shades’ necktie

A movie poster for "Fifty Shades of Grey," left, and the gray, woven silk zig-zag necktie created for the film by Anto of Beverly Hills.
(Universal Pictures (left) / Anto)

You may not be authentic Christian Grey material, but there’s no reason your necktie can’t be.

The film version of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” like the E.L. James’ book it’s based on, includes the use of a certain gray-colored necktie repurposed into a decidedly not-safe-for-work situation. Which makes it no surprise at all that a smattering of gray-hued neck-knottables are among the products on offer across the Internet in the run-up to the film’s Valentine’s Day release. (Other options include “Fifty Shades” wine -- available in “White Silk” and “Red Satin” -- coffee mugs printed with the slogan: “Tied up with Mr. Grey,” and OPI’s six shades of “Fifty Shades” nail lacquer.)

But if you or your loved one wants the real deal -- at least as real as it gets in the Hollywood dream factory -- make a beeline for Anto of Beverly Hills, the custom shirt (and tie) maker that has dressed Hollywood’s A-list on- and off-screen for more than a half-century, including stars Frank Sinatra and David Oyelowo.

We recently had a chance to chat with co-owner Jack Sepetjian (whose father Anto founded the business in 1955), who told us the film’s costume designer, Mark Bridges, also turned to them to make all the dress shirts for the film. “This includes cotton dress shirts, silk dress shirts, silk sport shirts, linen sport shirts -- and a tuxedo shirt,” Sepetjian said.


And yes, Sepetjian says, the gray, woven silk zig-zag patterned necktie Anto made for the film is the one Christian uses to tie Anastasia. “We were told by Mark Bridges that this is the main tie discussed in the film [and] book,” he said. “We made four [of those] ties at the beginning and six more later on. So there [was] a total of 10 of the same ties.”

Even before the movie’s release, the necktie has been front and center in marketing efforts -- it appears on a movie poster wrapped seductively around the hand of Jamie Dornan’s Christian Grey character (note that it’s not the same gray necktie featured prominently on the cover of the original book) -- so Sepetjian figured they should have some extras on hand.

“We went ahead and made up 48 of them -- and [the studio] has already asked for us to send them four more -- and we have enough fabric to make maybe three or four more dozen.”

The tie may be purchased at Anto’s bricks-and mortar showrooms in Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks and, since the 60-year-old company recently entered the e-commerce arena, the $185 silk ties (style #T14084) can also be purchased online at


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