The correct yellow shade depends on hair color

An icy pastel yellow works best for Helen Mirren and others with platinum, ashy blond or gray.
(Liz O. Baylen / Los Angeles Times)

Color stylist Jill Kirsh uses a person’s hair color to identify the exact shades she should be stocking in her closet. Here, she breaks down exactly who belongs in which yellow when it comes to clothing and accessories. What’s your perfect swatch of sunshine?

Brunette or black hair: Kirsh recommends that people with dark hair stick to what she calls " Crayola crayon yellow,” a very true version of the color. It shouldn’t be muddled or muted, but a shade that comes right off the primary color wheel.

Auburn or reddish tones, warm golden brown hair: Those with a hair color similar to Julia Roberts’ should wear very warm, golden yellows. They do well with mustard and muddled, earth-tinged yellows.

Warm blond, champagne or flaxen blond hair: “Go brighter,” Kirsh says. “Like a canary or lemon shade.” It shouldn’t scream or be fluorescent -- you want something vibrant and defined.

Platinum, ashy blond or gray: An icy pastel works best here. The shade should be more faint, cool and dusty rather than loud and bold.