London 2007: Street Fashion
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London 2007: Street Fashion

Large bags are big this season. This gold satchel has edges lined with black and white stripes. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
Red has become this year’s accent color from shoes to hair bands. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
Classic lines and beauty make these pumps an all-time favorite. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
Filmaker Tristan Christann wore toe fitted shoes on the set of a commerical that was being filmed in downtown london. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
In need of great repair, these shoes are more of a descend than an ascend. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
Hot pink bubble gum colored shoes with starred leggings and jeans, gives this young diva a mix of starry nights and bubble gum dreams. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
This woman had a unusal mix of color and patterns. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
Purple and brown were the the choice of Helena Johnston, who mixed her multi-colored leggings with light brown pants and a purple sweater to tie the look together. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
Mia-Lin chose a red hat with her gray scarf as she waits for her next scene in a commerical that was being filmed in downtown London. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
British VJ Tim Kach, left, and singer songwriter JC Chasez at the fashion week tent. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
Pansy St. John wears a English country-themed outfit with boots, jeans and a suede vest under a mid-length parka. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
The classic Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars basketball shoes are still a street favorite even in London. This pair has a twist, the shoes are made of leather, not the usual canvas. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
Red accent shoes. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
This year marks the return of plaid and the mixture of color and textures. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
Tennis shoes are still the favorite of the younger generation. Today’s designers are dressing them up. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
At a local eatery, this gentleman wore his bowler with a lambs wool-lined plaid coat. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
Cowled neck gray dress accented with a hot pink cashmere scarf. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)
In one of those fashion moments that must be seen to be believed, the fuzzy house slipper of days gone by has morphed into shoes -- and startlingly mixed with plaid pants. (Kirk McKoy / LAT)