Could cannabis crowns become Coachella’s hot new floral headpiece?


Nothing says “music festival” like a floral crown — especially a floral crown with bulging buds of marijuana artfully interspersed with the flower blossoms.

The Coachella-worthy cannabis crown is part of a marketing effort by Santa Barbara-based Lowell Farms (the same grower that made headlines last month by offering delivery of $400 Valentine’s Day cannabis bouquets), which has created a limited-edition “Coachella Blend” of pre-rolled, pre-packaged joints ($55) available only during the upcoming music festival and exclusively through the Palm Springs Safe Access dispensary — about 20 miles from the site of the annual music festival in Indio — to patients with a verified doctor recommendation. (Although California recently legalized adult recreational use, it can’t yet legally be bought or sold in the state outside of the existing medical marijuana system.)

The limited-edition blend — and the new twist on the floral crown — were announced by the company in a Wednesday press release as well as via its Instagram feed.

The Coachella Blend pre-rolls (a mix of Dog Walker, Single White Girl, Chocolate Hashberry and Lenny OG strains) are available for pre-order via for in-store pickup or can be purchased directly from the dispensary itself. (Medical marijuana users should be prepared to present a doctor’s recommendation and valid photo identification at the time of their visit).

Now, where do the crowns come in? The festive floral headpieces — each one containing a quarter-ounce of the strain called Single White Girl ($60 worth) intertwined with white roses — are intended to be gift-with-purchase to the first dozen patients who pop-in to pick-up their pre-orders. While that makes for slim odds of scoring a crown, a representative for Lowell Farms said that if demand is high enough, production might be upped by a couple dozen.

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