Evan Ross, Ashlee Simpson-Ross talk Zadig & Voltaire capsule, reality series


Mixing personal and professional lives can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. Not so for Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson-Ross as the two head into the launch of their capsule collection with Zadig & Voltaire, a new album and an E! reality TV series.

“A lot of times when two people are in the industry, they spend a lot of time away from each other because that’s what work does, but it’s nice to collaborate with your wife and family,” Ross said. “We’re better together sometimes when it comes to the creative. It’s been a really, really fun experience.”

The two on Friday will see the launch of their unisex capsule with Zadig & Voltaire called Jagger Snow, which is named after their daughter. The 10-piece collection includes jackets, denim, T-shirts and hoodies pulling lyrics, such as “We don’t need permission to love,” from their co-produced album due out July 29.


“Evan did the artwork and it has a lot of stuff to do with love and the idea of love,” Simpson-Ross explained.

Gender-neutral clothing also continues to gain traction and is becoming more than just a trend for the moment.

“I feel like clothing is going in that direction anyway,” Ross said. “It was one of those things where you can’t go into a Bloomingdale’s and find a section that’s just for men and women. It’s a powerful movement because it opens the door to finding your identity in clothing.”

Ross and Simpson-Ross described the collection as very much in line with their own tastes and that of their friends. Ross called it a bit Parisian inspired and both said they were keen to make the line unisex based off their own tendency to share pieces from their wardrobes with each other.

“Evan and I, since we first started dating, we’ve always shared clothes,” Simpson-Ross said. “I would rather wear my husband’s sweaters and shirts sometimes.”

“We’ve always been able to switch clothes really well, but I think it’s [unisex collections] a cool movement and it gives men a lot more options of clothes they can wear and women as well,” Ross added.


The two will continue to explore and define their designer chops as they build out Jagger Snow, which Ross described as living in the boutique space with an emphasis on individual pieces bearing unique details and embellishments.

The couple have also invited the cameras into their lives with a docu-series on E! expected to premier in the fall that has followed them through the development of the collaboration with Zadig & Voltaire and the making of the album.

“It’s our lives,” Ross said. “You see us as parents between work and parenting. There’s a lot of love in the show. It’s been an incredible process.”

“It’s been nice working together. We get to spend more time together,” Simpson-Ross added. “Sharing the whole creative side, that’s been nice.”