OPI’s new 007 nail lacquers -- and why there’s no ‘Goldfinger’

To create Berenice Marlohe's unique manicure in the newest Bond film, makeup artists used two of OPI's new 007-themed colors, a shade called Skyfall (left) on top of the nail and a glittery gold called GoldenEye (center) on the underside. At right is Marlohe's manicure as it appears in "Skyfall."
(Francois Duhamel)

As part of a movie-merchandising tie-in with “Skyfall,” the new James Bond movie, OPI has rolled out a limited-edition collection of Bond-themed nail lacquers for the holidays.

The Skyfall collection consists of a dozen colors named after familiar titles from the 50-year, 23-film franchise. The names (and OPI’s always humorous descriptions) include:

Casino Royale (“This high-rolling plum is fit for royalty.”)

Die Another Day (“Live in the moment in this hot and lively red.”)


GoldenEye (“All eyes will be upon you when you wear this glorious gold.)

Live & Let Die (“Burn the candles on both ends in this private jet black.”)

Moonraker (Drive your fastest car to get this exhilarating metallic grey.”)

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (“This misty-green pewter commands attention.”)

Skyfall (“Get Bonded with this magnificent maroon.”)

Tomorrow Never Dies (“This eternally intense purple will live forever.”)

The Living Daylights (“This courageous multi-hued glitter sparkles 24/007")

The Spy Who Loved Me (“A red as romantic as the secret agent inside you.”)

The World is Not Enough (“This rosy silver is as addictive as it is beautiful.”)

You Only Live Twice (This rich high-shimmer magenta is a once-in-a-lifetime find.”)

One of the first things I noticed about the list was that -- Goldfinger (perhaps the most nail-color-appropriate name of any Bond movie) was AWOL. Curious as to why, I made a few phone calls, and a company representative quickly confirmed what I’d suspected: Because the name Goldfinger had already been trademarked in category 3 (the international trademark classification that applies to cosmetics and cleaning preparations), OPI was foreclosed from using it -- which is why OPI opted for the less obvious GoldenEye.

But it probably won’t hurt sales -- especially because that’s one of the two shades used by “Skyfall” makeup artist Naomi Donne to create the unique on-screen look of Bérénice Marlohe’s two-tone nails in the upcoming film.

OPI’s executive vice president and artistic director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann described Marlhohe’s manicure as “Skyfall, a rich maroon, painted on top of the nail, and GoldenEye, a shimmering gold, painted on the undersides.”

According to the movie’s production notes, the topside-bottomside nature of the two-tone nails required a nail technician to be on location during all of the actress’ scenes.

The limited-edition colors, each with a suggested retail price of $8.50, hit retail in October.

The Sam Mendes-directed “Skyfall” is set to hit U.S. theaters on Nov. 9.


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