Guacamole in your beer? It’s time for Angel City Brewery’s Avocado Fest

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What’s green, emblematic of California, and goes great in beer? Avocado, of course! Though you might not have any experience with that last claim, you’ll have a chance to judge the merits of Avocado Ale yourself at Angel City Brewery’s upcoming Avocado Festival.

The Arts District brewery will throw its fruit-fueled party Sunday, and the event features bands, food trucks, brewery tours and all kinds of art, games and merchandise celebrating the avocado.

The real star of the show is brewmaster Dieter Foerstner’s infamous Avocado Ale. More than a cheeky stunt, the light golden beer is flavorful, refreshing and a fitting match for the steamy summer days of late. In addition to the avocados sourced from Foerstner’s grandmother’s ranch, the creative brewer uses cilantro, red pepper and lime in the beer for the whole guacamole-like experience.


And there will be plenty of real guacamole -- and other preparations of the alligator pear -- available during the fiesta, including some food pairings created by the Lime Truck and Son of a Bun.

It may sound like a homebrew experiment gone too far, but last year’s batch of Avocado Ale was one of the surprise hits of the summer. Foerstner managed to keep the flavors of all that produce in balance, and the brew tasted less like liquid guacamole and more like a bright and citrusy kolsch with an intriguing texture.

Last year’s kegs didn’t last long, and this year’s output is available exclusively at the brewery’s Public House.

The party, which runs from noon until 8 p.m., benefits Food Forward and Echo Country Outpost.

Angel City Brewery & Public House, 216 S. Alameda Street, Los Angeles, (213) 622-1261.