Battle of the Burgers 2013: Are you ready?

Attention, Burgermeisters: Think you’ve got the best burger around?

Have you spent hours hunched over the grill perfecting your creation? Do friends and family fight for invitations to your backyard parties just to bask in its glory? Does the mere perfume from your grill cause the neighborhood to swoon? Has your burger ever elicited tears of joy?
If you think you can handle the heat, enter our third annual Battle of the Burgers.

Starting this Friday at noon, go to our LA Times Food Facebook page and submit your burger recipe, along with a short essay about why this is the most amazing burger of all time. Include a photo if you can; voters will want to see proof.

We’ll take top vote-getters and try the burgers out in the Test Kitchen. The top five Burgermeisters will get an invite to the Los Angeles Times to have their picture taken with their top burger. We’ll feature the photos and recipes in our Fourth of July Saturday section, scheduled to run June 29th.



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