In Japan, Burger King has a burger with black cheese


Black food shouldn’t cause alarm. Restaurants around the world have been using squid ink to color bread, pasta and more for years. Locally, Hinoki & the Bird serves its lobster roll on a black bun.

But Burger King in Japan is taking black food to another level.

The burger chain has introduced a new burger with black cheese, reported The cheese resembles ink-dipped slices of Kraft American cheese singles. But it’s really just cheese made with bamboo charcoal.

The cheese comes on the new Kuro Burger, layered with a beef patty on a black bun made with bamboo charcoal, onion and squid ink.


You can order the Kuro Burger Pearl with the bread, cheese and patty, or the Kuro Burger Diamond with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise. And in case you’re wondering, the mayonnaise is still white.

The Kuro Burgers will be available for a limited time beginning Sept. 19 at Burger King locations in Japan.

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