‘Hipsters love coffee’ video: So every kid in Uganda can have a latte


A lot of people love their coffee, but few are as particular about their morning brew as hipsters. Or at least that’s the idea behind the latest video called “Hipsters love coffee” by the comedy sketch group Nacho Punch.

In the coffee video, a barista attempts to show how hard his job is while a slew of behatted and mustachioed hipsters bombard him with the most ridiculous, pretentious coffee orders.

“Yeah can I get a double upside down mocha macchiato with soy, low fat, no fat, no lid?” requests a man with a mustache, and a hat, who likes to use hand gestures. “Can you make it taste like Christmas?”


But the best requests come from a girl who asks for a single fair trade blend. “Every time you buy a cup, a kid in Uganda gets a free latte,” she says to the man next to her. The same girl asks for no cup in a later scene and has steaming hot coffee poured directly onto her hands. You know, to help the environment.

She even pours her grandmother’s ashes over some hot water to drink as tea.

“Mmm, memories,” she says after a sip.

OK, so the video is over the top at times, but some of the scenes are all too familiar.

“Can you misspell my name on one of those paper cups so I can complain about it on Facebook?” asks a guy wearing a hat, with a cartoonish mustache that curves up at the sides. “Thanks.”

Nacho Punch also produced the video “Hipsters love beer.”

Was the video too harsh on the hipster set? Or right on the money? Let us know in the comments below.

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