How about using brownies?
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National Ice Cream Sandwich Day: 19 ways to experiment

John, via Flickr">How about using brownies?
Ice cream sandwiches seem pretty straightforward, right? Oh, no. Take a look through this photo gallery of wild and wacky ways to celebrate them. For example, this twist uses brownie cookies. Plus, find four ice cream sandwich recipes from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen. (John, via Flickr)
Ahd Photography, via Flickr">How about making a real sandwich?
It’s missing a pickle spear, if you ask us. (Ahd Photography, via Flickr)
Mariam, via Flickr">How about putting the frosting on the <i>inside</i>?
These are called “inside out” carrot cake ice cream sandwiches. (Mariam, via Flickr)
Helen ST, via Flickr">How about a brioche?
This is chocolate fondant and pistachio from Gelateria Marcolito in Sicily, believed by many to be the best in the world. (Helen ST, via Flickr)
Just Jenn, via Flickr">How about paying homage to Mike from ‘Monsters Inc.’?
Fans of “Monsters Inc.” and “Monsters University” will want this recipe. So here it is, from one of our favorite pop-culture-meets-food bloggers, Just Jenn. (Just Jenn, via Flickr)
James Thornett, via Flickr">How about a slab of pandan bread?
When you’re done eating the ice cream, that pandan bread (a type of chiffon cake popular in places such as Singapore and Malaysia) could be used as a baseball mitt. (James Thornett, via Flickr)
Smallest Forest, via Flickr">How about a Christmas tree ornament?
Our lawyers require us to tell you that you cannot actually eat this. ‘Cause it’s not edible.  (Smallest Forest, via Flickr)
Dawn Loh, via Flickr">How about using a macaroon?
Coconut, meet pistachio ice cream. Now get cozy. (Dawn Loh, via Flickr)
Joy, via Flickr">How about using a macaron?
That’s dedication to craft, letting the ice cream melt while trying to get the perfect photo. (Joy, via Flickr)
Joanne Wan, via Flickr">How about meringue?
No cookie? No problem. A meringue-like dessert -- a dacquoise -- does sandwich duty on this plate.  (Joanne Wan, via Flickr)
Ann Larie Valentine, via Flickr">How about with a cocktail?
This mint chocolate ice cream sandwich is served alongside a mint julep.  (Ann Larie Valentine, via Flickr)
Larry, via Flickr">How about mix-and-match cookies?
Mmmm. This is sea salt caramel ice cream sandwiched between a snickerdoodle and a chocolate cookie. (Larry, via Flickr)
Alex, via Flickr">How about graham crackers?
These are homemade graham crackers. But there’s no rule against store bought, right? (Alex, via Flickr)
zen Sutherland, via Flickr">How about one big enough for its own parking space?
(Hint: It’s a visual trick.) (zen Sutherland, via Flickr)
Robyn Anderson, via Flickr">How about feeding the leftovers to a pair of pigs?
That top pig looks a little skeptical, like, “Is this gluten-free”? The other pig is like, “Noms!” (Robyn Anderson, via Flickr)
Finally, we have four ice cream sandwich recipes from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen. Enjoy.
Recipe: Hazelnut meringues with orange sherbet (Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times)
Molasses ice cream sandwich
Recipe: Molasses cookie ice cream sandwich  (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)
Coconut ice cream sandwich
Recipe: Coconut ice cream sandwich (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)
Chocolate ice cream sandwich
Recipe: Chocolate sea salt cookie ice cream sandwich (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)