French police fine man for eating foie gras, watching a movie while driving

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Foie gras is a controversial food in many parts of the world. The delicacy is not illegal in France, but still one man was recently fined by police when they pulled him over and realized he was allegedly eating foie gras and watching a movie while driving his car.

According to The Local, police in the town of Laval in western France were surprised to find a man who they say was eating a plate of foie gras on toast while driving. Eating while driving is not uncommon, even in France, but foie gras is a pretty unconventional choice of snack for the road. Still, the meal alone probably would not have been enough to get him in trouble. But police say the man had also put his laptop on the car dashboard and was watching a movie while he was driving.

There are a lot of places where a person can safely and legally enjoy dinner and a movie, but behind the wheel of a moving car is not generally considered one of them. The Local reports that the police decided the man was “driving in a dangerous position,” and fined him 750 euros, or about $924.


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