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GOT YOUR 6 is the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s enduring commitment to the military and veteran community. The term, ‘GOT YOUR 6,’ coined in WWI by American fighter pilots covering a plane’s rear position, means “I have your back” - an enduring message of support. Fellow service members always had each other’s six while serving, and we need to have their back when they return home. We’ve supported our military/veteran community with urgent needs through COVID-19, natural disasters, and the recent withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan. We’ll continue to support them through whatever challenges come next.


Address: 1350 Broadway, Suite 905, New York, NY 10018
Facebook: @BobWoodruffFoundation
Twitter: @Gotyoursix
Instagram: @Gotyour6
Top Executive: Anne Marie Dougherty, CEO
Year Established: 2006

The Bob Woodruff Foundation invites you to stand up for heroes so that we can find, fund, shape, and accelerate equitable solutions that help our impacted veterans, service members and their families and caregivers thrive.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation’s Got Your 6 Network includes our best-in-class grantees and our national network of local partners. Together, we provide support to over 11 million members of the military/veteran community in nearly every state, including California and the greater Los Angeles area.

Help us be there for impacted veterans, service members, and their families. Learn more and donate at