Giving Back: Philanthropy Issue

2022 Giving Guide

With another year drawing to a close, it’s the time for many to gather and celebrate. But it’s also the season to consider those who are less fortunate across Southern California. This special section provides both inspiration and numerous ideas on how you can help those in need through charitable aid. On behalf of our sponsors and all the charities mentioned in this section, we wish you well and hope that the season brings you peace and joy.

For many of us, the season of goodwill means more than just buying gifts for family and friends.

Southern California is gaga over their pets - it’s evident from the number of puppies, kitties and other animals we see in our day-to-day experience, out enjoying the beautiful weather and terrain with their owners.

Financial services institutions play a vital role in the smooth functioning of our society and enable us, for example, to secure home mortgages, finance business transactions, and take out loans for college.

Giving: Resources

Whether it’s a monetary donation, a gift of goods or even volunteering, here are a myriad of worthy charities who can benefit greatly from the generosity of L.A. Times readers like yourself. Follow the links below for a guide to philanthropic organizations that are working diligently to better the lives of others - serving the unhoused, the elderly, animal welfare, the environment, and children and adults facing food insecurity, social justice and equity issues.