Citizenship Education Fund, Inc.

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Giving 1215

The Citizenship Education Fund (CEF), an Affiliate of Rainbow PUSH Coalition, seeks to empower citizens through the effective use of public policy, issue education, and making connections between the greater community and the disenfranchised. It accomplishes this mission through education and research on a variety of issues that affect people’s daily lives. CEF conducts research, collects data on non-partisan initiatives, and organizes seminars and public awareness campaigns on a variety of policy issues. CEF also promulgates the democratic principles of civic virtue in order to improve life opportunities for those persons who are often voiceless and forgotten.


Address: 930 E. 50th St. Chicago, IL 60615
Phone: (773) 373-3366
Twitter: @CitizenEduFund
Facebook Page: @Rainbow.PUSH
Top Executives: Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Founder and President Re. Dr. S. Todd Yeary, Esq., Chief Executive Officer
Year Established: 1984

The mission of Citizenship Education Fund is to advocate for persons who are disconnected from the routine processes of government and full economic participation in business and markets by expanding upon our founding democratic principles, promoting civic virtue, expanding electoral participation, and enhancing economic influence.

National with regional offices in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Detroit, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta

Mr. John Graves Chair Business Consultant

Ms. Tricia “C.K.” Hoffler, Esq., Chair, Rainbow PUSH Coalition

Rev. Dr. Mark Ellis Clergy

Mr. Willie E. Gary, Esq., Attorney in Private Practice

Mr. Jonathan L. Jackson Entrepreneur

Mr. Lamell McMorris Perennial Strategy Group

Ms. Bonita Parker ComEd

Mr. William Shack Retired Auto Executive

Mr. Abraham Thompson Media Entrepreneur